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Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren’t The First Wives Of Their Husbands



Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren't The First Wives Of Their Husbands

These Are The Top Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Broke Homes To Get Married

1. Regina Daniels:

Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren't The First Wives Of Their Husbands

She is a young Nigerian actress that was born in October 2000. She is from Delta state but grew up in Lagos with her single mother and 3 other siblings. Regina started acting when she was seven, as she was introduced into Nollywood by her actress mother, Rita Daniels. Regina has been successful in her acting career up till now. She has been living in wealth and affluence that many people doubted if only acting movies was her only source of income.

In April 2019, pictures of her and Senator Ned Nwoko surfaced the internet. This cleared the suspicion of people as to her source of wealth. A few months later, she was married though secretly and traditionally to Ned Nwoko as his sixth (6th) wife. She is now swimming in money with 5 co-wives and lots of stepchildren. Though she is alleged to be heavily pregnant as of now, she claims to be living peacefully with her co-wives and stepchildren. 7 Billionaire Celebrities

2. Nuella Njubuigbo:

Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren't The First Wives Of Their Husbands

She hails from Anambra and is married to Tchidi Chikere. They are both doing very well in the Nigerian movie industry. Tchidi Chikere is not only an actor but also a movie producer, scriptwriter, and director. Tchidi Chikere once had a wife whom he divorced in 2012. Nuella saw true love in him, and they got married in 2014. They have a lovely daughter together.

3. Mercy Johnson: 

Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren't The First Wives Of Their Husbands

She hailed from Kogi state and was born in 1984. She has been a bag of talent in the Nigerian movie industry and has taken part in so many films. She got married to Prince Okojie in 2011 and since then has adjusted her roles in movies. Mercy Johnson is no longer seen playing sex roles and indecent characters. She accepted this fact because she said: ” I now have children, and I can imagine how they will feel seeing their mother playing such roles in movies.”

A lady, Lovely Okojie, claimed Prince Okojie was still her legal husband and that he left her with her two children to marry Mercy. Mercy has 3 beautiful children with Prince Okojie, and currently, she is heavily pregnant with her 4th child after many thought she was through with childbearing. Despite her marriage and Motherhood, Mercy is still a force to reckon with in the movie industry. 7 Billionaire Celebrities

Most recently, the award-winning star produced her first movie in which she took the lead role despite her pregnancy. Her movie,’ Legend of Inikpi’, an igala based movie, has broken records in the Nigerian movie industry.

4. Mercy Aigbe:

Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren't The First Wives Of Their Husbands

She was born on January 1, 1978, in Benin city. She is an actress, director, and producer. Mercy is popularly known for her indigenous Yoruba movies. She hails from Edo state but grew up in Ikeja, Lagos. She is wealthy and has excelled in the Nigerian movie industry as she has received several awards. She married her husband Lanre Gentry, a Nigerian hotelier in 2013. They have two children; Michelle Aigbe and Juwon Gentry. Michelle, her beautiful daughter, is 18 and currently studying in Canada. Mercy also has 3 stepchildren.

Mercy is also a force to reckon within the fashion industry. She is well known for her unique style and dressing, which compliments her beauty. No wonder even after 42 years, she still looks hot and stunning.

Lanre, her husband, was said to have been previously married to Temitayo Lewis, who is said to live in the US with her children.

Mercy left the marriage because of domestic violence as she posted pictures of her assaulted self and immediately launched a campaign against domestic violence.

5. Tiwa Savage: 

Tiwatope Savage is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born in Isale Eko but relocated to London at the age of eleven for her secondary school. In 2012, she signed a contract with Mavin Records and has been progressing tremendously in her career.

She got married to Tunde Balogun ( Tee Billz) in 2013. Their traditional marriage was in Lekki and a white wedding in Dubai. They have a son ( Jamil) together. Before Tunde’s marriage to Tiwa, he was said to have been previously married with two children.

Not long after, their marriage tore apart. Tee Billz accused Tiwa of infidelity and his mother- in- law of witchcraft in a 45- minute interview conducted by This Day Newspaper. But she debunked her husband’s infidelity claims and accused him of financial recklessness, drug addiction, and abandonment.

6. Funke Akindele:

Top 7 Nigerian Billionaire Celebrities That Aren't The First Wives Of Their Husbands

She is a Nigerian actress and producer. She is popularly known for her lead role in the show Jenifa’s Diary. She was born on August 24, 1977, in Ikorodu, Lagos. She is the brand ambassador for Iroko TV and Keystone Bank.

Funke also runs a non-governmental organization known as the Jenifa Foundation, which aims at providing young people with vocational skills. 7 Billionaire Celebrities

On May 26, 2012, she married Adeola Kehinde Oloyede in splendor and glamour but soon divorced him in 2013. She married Rasheed Bello (JJC Skills), a Nigerian rapper in London in May 2016. She has several stepchildren with him, and they all acknowledge her as the best step mum ever. But many people have awaited her pregnancy with lots of rumours everywhere. But last year, she welcomed a set of twin boys with her husband, Bello. Although many people doubt if she is the true mother of the boys, some suspect she got them through surrogacy.

7. Ini Edo:

She was born on April 23, 1982, and started her acting career in 2000. She got married in 2008 to her America-based husband, Philips Ehiagwina. After a year, a woman named Okoro Ruth, who was said to be his wife at the same time, wrote an open letter to her warning her to stay clear from her husband. Ini divorced her husband in 2014 without any child. 7 Billionaire Celebrities

Later on, it was rumoured that she has a set of triplets that she birthed in London. Some said twins, and they are all grown up. Whichever part of the story that is true is yet unknown as she has decided to leave that part of her life very private

In all, these billionaire celebrities have been confirmed to be very successful with and without their husbands but didn’t give themselves the honour of being married as first wives. In a nutshell, they broke homes and created unhappiness to others to be with their partners hence shouldn’t be a role model for others to follow.

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