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The Complete Guide to Dressing for Your Body Type

You generally know what looks best on you—perhaps there’s a wrap dress that consistently makes you feel confident or you always gravitate toward wide-leg pants—but we figured a more in-depth look at dressing for your body type is never a bad idea. Since there are so many shapes and silhouettes on the market and trends are ever-changing, how is one supposed to successfully navigate through shopping for your specific body type?

In fact, are you even sure of what your body type is? In case you aren’t (or simply want a refresher), we have broken down a few of the most common body shapes by definition, which areas to accentuate for each, and which pieces to shop for that will help you do exactly that. It might sound daunting, but trust us: With our foolproof guide, dressing for your body type is now easier than ever. Check it all out below.

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