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Sports: Gonzalo Higuain announces his retirement from Argentina national team



Gonzalo Higuain has announced his retirement from the Argentina national team, a move he says many will be delighted about.

Higuain announces his retirement from Argentine national team

Higuain who took a loan move from Juventus to Chelsea in January revealed that he’s spoken to the national team’s coach about his decision which will now enable him have time for his daughter

“My time with Argentina is over. Thinking things through in depth, my time is up,” the 31-year ok’d striker said.

“To the delight of many, now I will only look at it from the outside. I have spoken to manager Lionel Scaloni and told him my point of view.

“I’ve made the decision because I want to enjoy my family, I want to spend time with my daughter, and at the same time, I feel that I gave my country everything I could.”

He added:

“I’m fully focused on my commitment to Chelsea.

“The Premier League is amazing and I really want to enjoy it. It’s very competitive indeed.”

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