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Singer Naira Marley Biography: Net Worth, Age, House & Cars



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Naira Marley Biography

Naira Marley is a fast rising Nigeria Musician and songwriter,  his real name is  Azeez Fashola .

Naira marley  was born and raised in Agege area of Lagos State Nigeria,  before he relocated to Peckham, England at the age of 11, where he start his dream   to become a voice over artiste and MC.

He is a versatile singer with a powerful song genre of hip hop, bringing about a new melody.

Naira Marley  came to limelight after the relase of his hit track “Issa Goal” in collaboration with  Olamide and Lil Kesh . The song was officially meant to support the Super Eagles at the Fifa world cup in Russia.


Naira Marley Age and Education

Naira marley have kept is real age away from the public Obviously, claiming to know Naira Marley biography without knowing Naira Marley age is an incomplete story. Though his birth day is kept on the low, is birth day is  on May 10.


Naira Marley was born and raised in Agege area of Lagos State Nigeria and  Completed his Education in  United Kingdom in south London after relocating at 11 years old


About The Name Naira Marley

Azeez Fashola  adopt his Stage Name   “Naira Marley” as  a result of motivation And  Musical inspiration from the reggae legend, Bob Marley, a Jamaican singer and songwriter who is Considered as  one of the pioneers of reggae and among the best ever to grace the reggae music

His appearance  with his hair style and dreadlocks is just the same as that of the music legend Bob Marley. his hairstyle is a sign  to show that he truly loves his model.


He claimed that Bob-Marley was his inspiration when it comes to how he got his name.

Naira Marley Cars 

According to Naira Marley, he never planned or imagined to be a singer. . His mind was focused on being an MC and a voice over artiste until he discovered he had music talent.


Naira Marley claimed he use to pay for his friends studio tracks  till he tried his luck one day and saw the potential he got.

then, he did a solo track “Marry Juana” featuring Max Twigz and of course the song became an instant UK street jam.


“I paid for my mates to go studio ’cos I thought they had talent,”  -Naira Marley


“They recorded something and there was space on the track – and they were like, ‘Jump on it man!’ I was like, Bro you sure? ‘.

But I jumped on it anyway.” To Naira’s surprise as much as anyone’s, his verses – delivered in his inimitable Nigerian flow – became the bars that the crew rated the most.


He decided to give it a trial, this time on a solo track. The result was ‘Marry Juana’, an instant UK street classic.


Naira Marley Net Worth

Naira Marley is new in Nigeria Music Industry and still growing, His total financial net worth is calculated to be around $600,000 thousand  USA Dollars

Naira Marley made his money from show bookings and sales of music, we strongly advise you to check out this site at intervals to get updated with Naira Marley current net worth.

Naira Marley Net Worth in naira

Now the questions still remain whats Naira Marley net worth in Naira,  Naira Marley net worth estimated as #216 Million Naira (Six Hundred million  Nigeria Naira) very few Nigeria upcoming artist worth this much

Naira Marley House


Naira Marley Cars 

naira marley  is a big fish when it comes  to how many exotic cars he drive and owned, below are few pictures of naira marley cars

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Naira Marley Children (siblings)

The Nigeria born singer, Naira marley  father  Twins, below is cute photos of Naira marley picture with  his twins

Who is Naira Marley Mother  ?

Who is Naira Marley  Mother? Naira marley mothers photos , have become another trending  in town, Naira Marley mother was first known to Public  on May 20, 2019 , where he appear to have busted in tears over arraignment of his son in court , she’s an aged  woman and her aged  should be around 60- 70 years old

here is Naira marly Mothers picture Below

Naira Marley

Who is Naira Marley Father  ?

Naira Marley Fathers is yet to be know to the public, we keep you update as soon as we get latest update about him

Naira Marley Songs:

  • Marry Juana
  • Drummer Boy
  • Am I a yahoo boy Feat. Zlatan Ibile
  • Issa Goal Feat. Olamide & Lil Kesh
  • Magic
  • Dread Gang
  • Facetime
  • Illuminati Feat. Zlatan Ibile
  • Money on the Road
  • Hang Wit Me
  • Birthday
  • Back2work
  • +44
  • Praise and Worship
  • Flying Away
  • Like Chief Keef
  • Ermm
  • Outty
  • Rice & Beans
  • Japa
  • Who is Naira Marley and what is his net worth?
  • What is the full name of Naira Marley?
  • Where is Naira Marley from?
  • How old is Naira Marley ?,

These and many more are the questions we intend to answer with this post.


There’s been a lot of questions yet to be answered about the Fast rising Young  rapper, so relax and seat comfortably as you read through to get all you need to know about him.

How Did Naira Marley Start His Music Career?

Naira Marley made his music on the low key  for years until his hit  track  “Issa Goal” went  viral.

The remix of “Issa Goal” which featured Olamide and Lil Kesh became the favorite song of the street in both Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Marley, who wanted to manage the rap races that his friends in Peckham dreamed of, later found out that he is doing well in musical rhythms and lyrics.

The discovery of his talent started as a joke when his friends asked him to do studio recording sessions with them.

“I paid my colleagues to go to the studio because I thought they had talent. This happened because I undermined myself because I never thought there was a possibility for me in the world of hip hop,” he said.

The year 2014 became the point of inflection he needed when he started to unleash his potential. Since then Naira Marley has joined with Zlatan Ibile, Lil Kesh, Teni and other young artists to improve their net worth.

Before he started Recording in music studios, he said he was paying for the recording sessions for his friends. He then made some recordings with his friends in his native language and this became an advantage for him.

Following the discovery of his music talent, Marley decided to make a living from music and he has since never gone back.

His solo track titled ‘Marry Juana’ featuring Max Twigz, one half of the Cannabis Boyz, became one of the UK’s street jams.

‘Marry Juana’ was a fusion of dancehall rhythms with strong Nigerian accent. It was considered the first of its kind ‘Afrobashment’ tune and it enjoyed massive airwaves.

The release of the track marked the turning point for his career. The song had an attitude of grime and rap, melody and a dancehall appeal of its own.

In one of his interviews, the rapper said “No one was doing this before I started. There was no Kojo Funds, no Mostack. I did set the afro-whatever. And Now everyone’s on it, and it sounds proper”.

Naira Marley Songs (Albums)

The eccentric rapper has shown a wild versatility in his approach to music, moving from the 120bpm afro-house of tracks such as ‘Cele’ to ‘Money on the Road.’

Money on the Road’ was the melodic fusion of afro melodies and street hustler lyrics that got him million of views.

He manifest a unique charisma, a mix of badman thing and prankster with his songs skipping between ga*g chat and jokes often in the space of a verse.

Naira Marley has proven himself in the Nigeria music industry as such that his net worth is ever on the increase.

BIRTH NAME : Azeez Fashola
STAGE NAME : Naira Marley or Nairamarley
NET WORTH : He has an estimated net worth of $600,000 dollars
PLACE OF BIRTH: Agege, Lagos State
STATE OF ORIGIN : Lagos state
NATIONALITY: Nigeria and England
INSTAGRAM : IssaGoal (@nairamarley)
TWITTER ACCOUNT: Naira Marley (@nairamarley)

keep checking back Latestalert for more information of Naira Marley,  is yet to disclose his real age. We will keep updating the post when we have new information about him and School

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