Dino Melaye acquires 2 bulletproof cars worth N726m


Senator Dino Melaye acquires 2 bulletproof cars worth N726m and a vintage vehicle

Senator Dino Melaye acquires 2 bulletproof cars

Dino Melaye acquires 2 bulletproof cars

Nigerian politician Dino Melaye has acquired three more cars to his array of vehicles.

The politician bought himself one vintage car and two bulletproof cars, and the vehicles were a 1977 corvette, a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Limousine, and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Former Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye acquires 2 bulletproof cars. The politician, who is known as a car lover, added three more vehicles to his costly cars.

The 46-year-old former senator bought himself one vintage car and two bulletproof cars.

Melaye customized the luxury vehicles to his taste.

According to reports, Melaye’s bulletproof cars, the G-Wagon Limousine and Toyota Land Cruiser, were customized. The black G-Wagon came with a customized bar, a stool, and a TV.The Land Cruiser also came with a customized mini bar, a frame, and screens. The G-Wagon cost 1.2 million dollars (N432m), and two cars together reportedly cost N726,000,000.

Melaye is a member of the People’s Democratic Party. He was the Chairman Senate Committee in Federal Capital Territory Abuja. And briefly the Senate Committee Chairman on Aviation.

The former lawmaker who also recently bagged his 6 masters degrees, displayed his 1977 Corvette car with a caption that seems to be a subtle shade to people questioning his possession and flaunting of luxurious cars.

Recall that some days ago, the former Kogi-West lawmaker, said he will rather spend his money buying cars than on cocaine and homosexuals like some others.

Senator Dino Melaye has responded to Speed Darlington calling him out over his expensive fleet of cars.

Just recently, the singer called out Dino Melaye for flaunting his exotic cars on the gram. According to him, there’s no way Dino could have amassed such wealth in such a short time as his only job was to be a senator. He believes Nigerian senators are not paid to an extent where they get to acquire such exotic toys.

However, Dino responded to the singer saying he can do whatever he wants with his money. The senator stated that people who have passion for something would go through extreme lengths to spend what they have on that thing and he gave several examples. Dino added that his passion is to collect automobiles and he would keep on acquiring more cars because that is what makes him happy.

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