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Rules of Love: How To Find Love



How To Find Love

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These are tips that will guide you in finding true love.

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Life is all about a strong and loving relationship. Some people are really good at finding the right partner that makes them happy. While some others are always unfortunate, never happy with their partners or never find true love. Kudos to those that know how to find and maintain love. They seem to know instinctively how to handle tricky times and keep the relationship fresh and rewarding. For those that are unaware of how to find genuine love, these tips will be very helpful.

7 Tips on How to Find Genuine Love

  1. Be Yourself: For you to find genuine love, it is mandatory to be yourself. Show your real self and do not conceal any part of you. If a person wants to love you, the person will love the whole of you not parts. You will be loved for your total personality i.e for who you are.
  2. Get over your previous relationship before entering into a new one: Before you enter into a new relationship, you have to totally wipe away the heartbreaks and pains caused by the previous relationship. If your last relationship has left you with emotional wreck, it is better to repair the damage before you start looking for a new lover and partner. Otherwise, you won’t be able to focus on them because you’re still preoccupied with past memories.
  3. Look for a person that makes you laugh: A sense of humour will last you long after everything else has gone. Money and beauty may disappear but a sense of humour will last forever even till old age.
  4. Relationships are not all about sex: Great sex is a wonderful thing and if there isn’t any sexual attraction at the beginning, then the relationship doesn’t stand much of a chance. But a good sex romp in the bedroom is not an assurance of being loved. If sex is your priority for choosing a partner, then there is the possibility that you are making a mistake. You are exchanging lust for love.
  5. Get to know a person properly before making major decisions: It takes time before you can get to really know someone. Some people can comfortably hide their negative sides for as long as some months. It will take some time to really find out everything important thing you need to know about someone. If the person is right for you then waiting for like one year will be worth it.
  6. Don’t think of going into a relationship with someone you don’t trust: Trust is absolutely essential between partners. It includes being faithful, sticking to promises , feeling emotionally and physically secured with your partner. If you feel the person is not trust worthy, please don’t seek true love from such a person because you are bound to get hurt.
  7. Ensure you both share common goals before you seek love: Find love from someone that you share common goals with. ”Like poles they say attract while unlike poles repel”. If you both have different ideologies and goals in life, then the relationship will crash in a matter of time.because you will be constantly having clashes in your ideas and plans. Don’t wait until you get married before asking your partner about his or her goals in life. Before you make any serious commitments, try to ascertain the goals, aims and ideologies of the person and ensure it compliments yours.

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