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Porto striker Moussa Marega speaks out after vile racist abuse



Porto striker Moussa Marega speaks out after vile racist abuse

Porto striker Moussa Marega speaks out after vile racist abuse

Porto striker, Moussa Marega, has opened up on the vile racist abuse he suffered during the Portuguese club clash with Vitoria on Sunday.

When the 28-year-old striker scored in the 60th minute, he celebrated his goal by pointing to the color of the skin on his forearm, which prompted monkey noises and chairs to be thrown from the stands by Vitoria SC fans.

Marega even celebrated with one of the discarded plastic seats but then made his way to the side of the pitch, with his thumbs down and seemingly booing the home supporters.

Marega was shown a yellow card for the reaction, but after the abuse continued, he attempted to leave the pitch angrily. He was restrained by his teammates and opposition players, including Porto coach Sergio Conceicao.

The Malian international was later substituted in the 72nd minute and replaced with Wilson Manawa.

Speaking about the incident in an interview with RMC Sport;

“My teammates don’t understand my reaction, and they are shocked that I want to leave the pitch. Their first reaction is to try to calm me down, they know me very well and know that I can do something stupid when I’m upset, they try to calm me down so that I don’t make a big mistake.

“But I just tell them that with the insults, I can’t go on. It was really no longer possible.

“It started warming up. At first, it was only a few people, but when it is almost a whole stadium, it is not possible.

“I felt like shit, I was ashamed, you have to live it to understand. It is a very unpleasant feeling. It’s sad that it happens in 2020.

“Yesterday was much more difficult. Yesterday, I really felt like shit, and it was a big humiliation for me. From the moment I got home, when I saw my son, things were better.”

Porto striker Moussa Marega speaks

After the incident, Marega has received support from across the world, with Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa condemning racism in football.

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