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Politics: Rotimi Amaechi allegedly caught in audio saying ‘President Buhari doesn’t read’



Rotimi Amaechi, Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation, was allegedly caught in audio saying ‘the President doesn’t read’.

Rotimi Amaechi allegedly caught in audio saying 'President doesn't read' lailasnews

Rotimi Amaechi was allegedly heard saying in the audio;

The President doesn’t listen to anyone, he doesn’t care anymore. Does he read?

The 7-seconds audio has however sparked controversy on if it was meant for President Buhari or Goodluck Jonathan, given that the former Governor of Rivers State had a faceoff with the former President. However former Presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri who released the audio wrote;

BOMBSHELL: LISTEN and SHARE as the DG of the @MBuhari campaign @ChibuikeAmaechi, destroys Buhari. “The President does not listen to anybody. Does he even read”-Rotimi Amaechi. LISTEN and RETWEET

If Nigerians hear the audio of Rotimi @ChibuikeAmaechi’s conversation, they may weep. The man has no iota of respect for @MBuhari. In fact he hero worshipped former President Obasanjo in the tape and said he is the only worthy Nigerian leader. They know the truth, but hide it!

We have more of the secretly recorded audios of @ChibuikeAmaechi, DG of the @MBuharicampaign, saying terrible things about Buhari’s govt. I hear Amaechi wants to lie that he was referring to GEJ. Let him do that and I will release part 2 which clearly show he referred to Buhari


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