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Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo caused me lots of pains, now I have suicidal thoughts – Kemi Olunloyo



Iyabo Ojo caused me lots of pains, now I have suicidal thoughts - Olunloyo lailasnews

Kemi Olunloyo has said she is currently battling with suicidal thoughts daily, all because of the pains Iyabo Ojo caused her.

The controversial journalist has been alleging for a long time now that the actress was behind her ordeal and her incarceration at a Nigerian prison.

She said even though she might have forgiven the actress, but she will never forget what she made her pass through.

#IyaboOjo caused me to suffer helplessness, guilt, shame, self-blame for being an investigative journalist helping people, feeling shut-down, dissociated, avoiding people, places or situations, quick to anger and moodiness or irritability, fearfulness, Nightmares/Reliving the trauma, startle response when I hear loud noises or unexpected situations, Anxiety or Depression.

I have social relationship difficulties, difficulty with short-term memory and a lost sense of purpose and a bereaved sense of self.

This is why I have SUICIDAL thoughts to END IT with no money to treat. Imagine no meds work except a sedative that makes my eyes sleep15 hrs/daily side effect blinking 150 X/min.

My GOD IS AWAKE.” she wrote on Instagram

If you recollect, days back Iyabo Ojo had said Kemi had no reason to forgive her because she didnt do anything to her. She then said all the journalist needed was rest and to ensure she takes her medications regularly.

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