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Movie Review: Mokalik (Mechanic) A Film by Kunle Afolayan



Mokalik (Mechanic) A Film by Kunle Afolayan

Inside a car moving towards a mechanic village, a radio station starts its daily activities in the background talking about the traffic situation of some routes in Lagos marks the beginning of Mokalik.

At the mechanic village, highlighting from the car is Mr. Ogidan and his son Ponmile. Baba Wole who is the chairman of the mechanic village welcomes them and Mr. Ogidan zooms off leaving Ponmile alongside the chairman.

The chairman advices Ponmile to be diligent in his endeavors and later calls on Kamoru who is an apprentice to the best mechanic in the village called A.J.E.N.T.I.N.A (a genius specialized in repairing the engine of all kind of vehicles) to take Ponmile to their workshop. AJE as he is fondly called also has another apprentice named Tiri. On their way to the workshop Kamoru also advices Ponmile and anytime a plane passes, Kamoru knows the name and exact time they pass respectively. Ponmile was stunned.

Kamoru alongside Ponmile branches iya mulika canteen that sells bread and beans to eat. Ponmile watched as others were eating while the mechanics argued about the just concluded world cup in Russia (2018). Obama as he is fondly called was deported from United States and ended up in the mechanic village started the argument which ended all up in comedy. Suddenly Ponmile found himself at iya Simi’s canteen and found Simi her daughter singing and washing plate simultaneously. Simi directed him back to iya Mulika’s shop where he later found Kamoru.

Ponmile spent part of his time as an apprentice at AJE’s workshop before moving to the rewire workshop. Kamoru, Tiri and ponmile later went to eat yam flour at iya Simi’s place after they had finish working.

NEPA who was the rewire had an apprentice called Erukutu. While NEPA was explaining the job of a rewire in a car to Ponmile, Emeka an Americana showed up and complained bitterly about the brain box of his car NEPA had earlier helped him repair. He also threatened NEPA what he would do if he came back and his car is not perfectly okay. That is how Ponmile started his spell at the rewire workshop. Emeka came back and was very pleased and happy that his car’s brain box is finally intact.

While patiently waiting at iya Simi’s canteen, Ponmile and Simi advices each other about life though Simi was older than him.

Ponmile now at the third workshop alongside the chairman at the panel beater’s shop proved his intelligence after he was rejected by Tao the panel beater. Tao was amazed and he pleaded with the chairman to let ponmile be with him for the rest of the day, because his apprentice No Trouble had earlier been sent away for impregnating a 16year old girl who sells herb concoction at the village.

While ponmile was working alongside his current boss, a commotion was going on outside between Kamoru and Erukutu who were never in good terms. They were fighting over Simi and while both apprentices’ boss tried to settle the fight, Goke whom that day was his graduation ceremony and the boyfriend of Simi showed up and took her away.

At the event ground in the mechanic village where Goke was graduating, the whole village gathered to rejoice with him and after the ceremony, the chairman walked ponmile to his shop.

On their way, Otunba (the chairman’s son) interrupted their conversation and made his father know that he was the one who tampered with the brain box of Emeka’s car while Erukutu was away at iya Simi’s canteen to eat. His father not surprised because of his shortcomings rained praises on him and Ponmile was surprised to know that Otunba was the chairman’s son by which they call his father baba Wole. Mr. Ogidan arrived to find ponmile and the chairman just exactly where he left them in the morning. Ponmile, now that you have spent a day in the mechanic village, would you like to remain here or go back to school? His father asked. Surprisingly Ponmile chose the mechanic village but he explained that he would come there after closing from school. They exchanged greetings with the chairman and as they were about to leave, a plane passed and without looking up he said Air France and his looked up to see if it was truly Air France. He asked how did you know? Ponmile replied “Experience”. They both smiled entering the car and zoomed off…………..the end.

FACTS: Buggati is more costly and faster than Mercedes Benz.

Size 12 spanner is the most frequently used spanner among mechanics.

A minimum of six years is spent as an apprentice before graduating.

The brain box of a car is similar to the human brain.

LESSONS: Whatever you choose to do in life let it come from your heart.

What is worth while is worth doing well.

Make hay while sunshine.


Mr. Ogidan


Chairman (baba Wole)

Otunba (Wole)






Iya Simi


Iya Mulika


No Trouble



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