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Movie Review: ‘Lionheart’ The Movie By Genevieve Nnaji (Watch Trailer)



Netflix bought worldwide rights to the Nollywood movie, ‘LionHeart’ by the Nollywood star, Genevieve Nnaji, just a day before its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

The notion that streaming services afford wide audiences a chance to sample overlooked pockets of world cinema gains some support with the release of “Lionheart,” a Nigerian feature now on Netflix. For many American viewers, the film will be an introduction to Genevieve Nnaji — one of the biggest stars of the Nigerian movie industry, or Nollywood, who has more than 100 credits.

In “Lionheart,” which is also her directorial debut, Nnaji plays Adaeze, the logistics director of a family transportation business that is working to win a critical state contract. Her father, Chief Ernest Obiagu (Pete Edochie), publicly praises Adaeze’s abilities at the pitch meeting — then suffers an apparent (but nonfatal) heart attack on the spot. That contrivance offers a sense of the movie’s storytelling, which tends toward the earnest and the functional.

See Viewers Review Below:

“Some people call it a comedy movie, but I doubt that that was the intention. It wasn’t meant to be a comedy, but because of the natural flawlessness of the characters, because of the presence of one of the most comic characters in Nollywood, Nkem Owoh, there came laughter.

I recently saw a Nollywood movie (name withheld) and I thought it was funny, the dry kind of funny. The funny that makes you laugh but doesn’t cross your oesophagus, and makes you feel that your laughter doesn’t belong to you. And the movie leaves you immediately you leave the hall.

But Lionheart felt completely different. The laughter that came out of me was not dry, it flowed freely like the source of it, down to the shoulders, to the heart, and to the unsilent feet, boldly stamping the carpeted floor of the hall.

I was utterly drawn by the lustrous current of the indigenous languages used. The proverbs were everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Onyeka Onwenu is an awesome actor. The way she spoke on a particular scene completely took my breath away. She’d said, ‘you’ve always been able to do whatever you put your mind to’ in such an alluring way to Adaeze (Genevieve).

Lionheart was like watching a real family video with cultural values. And I loved the fact that this family didn’t pressurize the girl into marriage or ignore her because of her gender. I loved that this family took their company and the workers as family, and doing anything that would jeopardize their future was unacceptable.”

Watch LionHeart Trailer Below:

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