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Meet 24-year-old photographer who identifies as an “adult baby” and even uses diapers (See Photos)



Meet 24-year-old photographer who identifies as an "adult baby" and even uses diapers

An American man ‘Sean Russell Miller‘ who became viral on the internet few weeks ago after it emerged that he lives his life as an adult baby, has spoken about his nature in a new interview.

He has an addiction which caused him to lose his former job at a preschool.

The 24-year-old told LIB that while working at a preschool in the US, he became addicted to stealing diapers for his personal use.

“I worked at a preschool and sometimes I steal diapers for my own personal use and it’s kind of addicting,” he said, adding: “I was fired due to my addiction and lifestyle. I stole diapers and other baby things to satisfy my baby addiction.”

Sean’s addiction means he spends all day in diapers, sometimes dresses like a baby, and uses a pacifier.

But he countered the report that he acts like a baby all the time. He said he functions like a normal adult and has a job like every other person. He only acts like a child for about an hour or two each day.

He said,

“The story falsely said I act like a baby 24/7. That’s a lie. I have a job and I only do baby things about an hour or two a day. I don’t eat baby food and most of the time I function as a normal person. I do, however, wear diapers 24/7.”

Sean blames his addiction on his experience growing up. He was abandoned by his parents when he was 5 and he spent 13 years in foster care. He says living without his parents “were a huge factor” in his addiction.

He said,

“Because I grew up in a foster home, I never got a childhood.”

But he says he’s perfectly fine living the way he does and doesn’t think he needs therapy. He added that he “would love to live at home 24/7 and just be a baby”.

He says he does not live as an adult baby for any kind of sexual kick, and does not see it as a fetish. Asked what he thought the carers at that event got out of caring for adult babies like him,

David says he has lost several friends and family members after telling them about his hobby, but says he finds it too liberating to stop.

He explained: “Honestly I feel free, no responsibility, no negativity. It’s just me going back in time to a peaceful place before everything messed up with the foster home situation.”

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