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Lesotho Prime Minister to resign over accusations of murdering ex-wife



Lesotho Prime Minister

The outgoing Lesotho Prime Minister and his late ex-wife.

Embattled Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has revealed his intention to resign from office. The abrupt decision is believed to be connected to mounting pressure in the past few months following his alleged involvement in the gruesome murder of his ex-wife, Lipelo Thabane the BBC has reported.

Thabane who also functions as the leader of the All Basotho Convention (ABC) political party did not state exactly when he would leave office but it has been revealed by the ruling party that a new Prime Minister would be sworn in on Tuesday.

According to a report by AFP News Agency quoted by the BBC, Thabane made the announcement of his resignation while speaking to supporters in his Abia home constituency located on the outskirts of the country’s capital city, Maser.

On June 14, 2017 – precisely two days before his swearing in as prime minister, some gunmen ambushed and shot to death his ex-wife,Lipolelo. During that period, she was involved in divorce proceedings with Mr. Thabane and they had been living apart since 2012.

Following her murder, Thabane was accused of having an involvement in her death, an accusation he claimed to be politically inclined and aimed at soiling his reputation.

He has however appeared in court in February 2020 to defend himself of the murder charges leveled against him, he is yet to be formally charged and it is still uncertain when he is going to stand trial in court after his resignation.

Although the 80-year-old Thabane cited old age as the reason for his resignation, without mentioning the murder case, many are of the view that he was trying to negotiate with his party to get an agreement that the investigation would be dropped in return for him resigning.

Lesotho is a country in the southern region of Africa. Thabane has been in power as Lesotho Prime Minister since June 2017.

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