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Lagosians Please Be at Alert! A Group of Almajirai hidden in a Truck Transporting Goods Apprehended Today



Lagosians Please Be at Alert

Lagos State Government has apprehended a truck conveying goods wherein hid many Almajirai being transported into Lagos.

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CBS Security Operatives apprehend miscreants hidden in a truck transporting goods to Lagos.

The Security Operatives attached to the office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Central Business Districts have apprehended large numbers of suspected Almajirai hidden in a truck transporting goods to Lagos at Apongbon area of Lagos State.

Speaking on the arrest, the Special Adviser, Mr. Olugbenga Oyerinde, said the development is worrisome given the clandestine way the culprits hid in the truck bringing goods to the state.

While handing over the offenders to the appropriate quarters for necessary action, Mr. Oyerinde said that the government will welcome genuine visitors and business owners into the state but will not tolerate the influx of miscreants who will constitute social nuisance into Lagos. He said:

” The Central Business Management office will not relent in its efforts to ensure that the Lagos Island Business District is safe to transact business at all times. We will continue to clean up the entire business district to acceptable safety standards as well as ensure that all guidelines issued by the Federal and  State Government against the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus disease are strictly adhered to.”

Meanwhile, the Special Adviser had decried the non- adherence to the two metre physical distancing guideline of the state government within the Lagos Island Business District.

He said no business premises should have more than 25 customers at any point in time and that provision must be made for washing of hands and use of alcohol-based sanitizer by all customers within the facility.

While advising on the need to maintain safety standards, Mr. Oyerinde called on members of the public to report any business owner or premises that does not comply with these guidelines to the Agency for necessary action. Lagosians

He warned that failure to comply with the state government’s directive on social gathering will attract severe penalty.

But let’s take a good look at the pictures of the said “Almajirai”, do they look like children or adults? Almajirai are children but these people here are adults. Many Lagosians are worried about the fact that these said “Almajirai” could be Boko Haram members in disguise. If they don’t have an ulterior motive, then why hide in the midst of goods and risk their lives trying to sneak into Lagos.

The Government, Security Personnels and general Lagosians must be at alert and be not not only health conscious but also security conscious at this trying times. The Government seem to be taking this lightly underestimating them to be mere children “Almajirai” or miscreants. These people should be arrested and forced back to their states of origin to avoid stories that touch the heart.


Looking at the pictures, do these people look like Almajirai to you?

What do you think?

Drop your useful thoughts and opinion of this serious matter in the comments section.

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