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Khafi Releases Top Secrets On How to Get Selected As a Bbnaija 2020 Housemate



Khafi Releases Top Secrets On How to Get Selected As a Bbnaija 2020 Housemate

KHAFI, ex-Big Brother Housemate, has released top secrets and guidelines to help you in your audition, so that you could be picked as a BBNaija 2020 Housemate.

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Khafi popularly known on social media as #acupofkhafi, is an ex BBNaija housemate of the 4th edition ( pepper dem). She is a hilarious and funny London-based former security personnel.

Khafi didn’t win the show last year, but went very far. She was evicted close to the end of the show. She proved to be very intelligent, lively and fun to be with in the house which made her get many fans that helped sustain her for long in the Big Brother House.

Khafi was indeed witty and outsmarted lots of other housemates while in the house. She entered into a relationship with Gedoni while in the house and was always loved up and being romantic. Several sex scenes of them came up on the internet which even made many insult her, her boss at office even denied and sacked her before her eviction. But all these brought more fame, endorsements and favours to the lucky champ.

The most important blessing of BBN to Khafi, is the joy of getting a husband from the platform. Khafi is currently engaged to Gedoni of BBN whom she met and entered into a relationship while in Beggie’s house.

Big Brother Naija Season 5 begins auditions this may (Register Now)

Khafi said that since the announcement for the audition, she has received 50 DMs in a space of 3 hours asking for her help on tips to be successfully picked. In response to this, she has released a video on her YouTube channel which centered on how to be successfully selected as a Big Brother Housemate having got the experience and opportunity to be an ex housemate.

Khafi’s view on the online audition process

She made it clear that auditioning for Big Brother isn’t an easy game at all. She used her own audition as an instance. Khafi was previously in London but came to Nigeria for Vacation and heard of the audition for BBN 2019. She just thought to go for it just for the experience and to use it to upgrade her YouTube Channel.

She confessed that the crowd was terrible. Lots of pushing just to get seen and picked, she even got injured in the process. She has admitted that this online audition is way far better than the physical audition of last year. Khafi acknowledged this idea to be great, although it somehow started in their set but is now fully blown. She said potential housemates are lucky that it’s online, no more stress of managing crowd and risking getting injured.

Furthermore, Khafi prefers this online audition because it gives everyone an equal opportunity to be selected unlike in the physical audition whereby you might not even get the chance of meeting with the team of auditioners.

Khafi’s Advise on How to Audition:

  1. Make and upload a very clear video. Khafi has advised that all potential contestants should ensure that they make and upload a very clear and bright video. Use a professional camera to make the video in a well lit environment. For proper lightening, you could use a ringlight to effectively capture every single thing very bright. Your full self should be seen in the video. So call someone to hold the camera and help you do the video. Alternatively, you could also use your good phone to make the video, just ensure that you are in a very bright location, if need be, go outside your house for brighter environment. For the video, you could use make overs, do your hair well, dress nice like you’re going for an interview.
  2. Be yourself. The most important trick of Khafi is to be yourself. Don’t lie or form to be what you are not. Don’t claim to be using “British Accents” like Khafi so that you would be selected. Destiny differs, she says. She was picked as a “Pepper Dem” Housemate because Big Brother saw the features of that in her. Every edition has a unique theme, and that’s the criteria for choosing housemates. Assuming she auditioned for “DoubleWhala”, she would probably not have been selected because she is peace loving unlike CeeCee, the trouble herself. Although this year’s theme is still unknown, she advised that you be yourself, don’t fake because what you want to hide might be what they are exactly looking for in you.
  3. Create an exceptional video. Don’t just send any how video. Prepare your video well because thousands of videos will come in. Look for the unique feature in you and portray to the world. This will make your video exceptional.
  4. Don’t pay to anybody to be selected. She said everything about auditioning and getting picked for BBN is entirely free. Don’t be scammed by people who will offer to help get you there demanding payment.
  5. Ladies, don’t sleep with any man in exchange for being picked. She said that BBN is strictly on merit, hence, no body can help you get in. Don’t fall a victim by agreeing to sleep with any man in exchange for BBN because it’s a scam. If you deserve to be there, you will be there.
  6. Make sure you meet the required criteria. You have to be above the age of 21, must be a Nigerian and must have a valid Nigerian Passport before applying. Otherwise, you don’t even stand any chance of being picked.
  7. BBN doesn’t make you wealthy. She has openly accepted that the show doesn’t make you wealthy, it can make you rich if you win but it’s not a guarantee for wealth. You have to create a niche for yourself after the show. Some ex housemates have returned only to continue from where they stopped in their hustle. BBN will only give you a platform to rise but it all depends on you, so don’t struggle or kill yourself in an attempt to be picked. You can still be wealthy on your own without BBN.

In summary, Khafi advises everyone to be self made because BBN will only make you popular not wealthy. Those that truly wish to be there should learn her tricks from this article as we wish everyone the best of lucks.

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