How To Easily Make Money Importing Used Clothes & Shoes in 2020


How To Easily Make Money Importing Used Clothes & Shoes To Nigeria

How To Easily Make Money Importing Used Clothes & Shoes To Nigeria

How To Easily Make Money Importing Used Clothes & Shoes To Nigeria in 2020

Importing used clothes and other items such as shoes, bags, children’s toys, and electronic products into Nigeria is a very lucrative business. Nigerians buy these things every day, even at high prices. I would instead purchase shoes from the fairly used shoe dealers than buy China made, or Idumota Oshodi made shoes in Nigerian markets. Not that I am not patriotic but because I like quality stuff. I should get Oliver Fox from the imported fairly used dealer that I am sure is the genuine quality even though it has been used then get brand new Louis Vuitton in Idumota that is fake and made in Aba.

How To Easily Make Money Importing Used Clothes & Shoes To Nigeria in 2020

How to Start Okirika business in Nigeria:

As said earlier, used clothes are listed among contraband products; however, we’ll look into the possibility of you going into the business since so many people still do.

Start by making inquiries from present dealers of Okirika in your neighborhood. Most times, however, a lot of them do not like to disclose how they get their goods.

Notwithstanding, if you know your way around things, you’ll still find a way to get them to talk.

Meanwhile, there are several merchants on Alibaba & eBay. You can purchase bales of second-hand clothes from and have them essential to Nigeria.

But before you think of venturing into any business that requires importation of goods from foreign countries, you need to know the right people; or at least know someone who knows someone.

The primary reason you need to know someone in the Nigerian customs service is so that your consignment will not get seized by the government.

Sometimes, though, it demands more than just knowing someone. You need to pay a lot of settlements to clear imported goods.

If you find importation complicated, you can as well buy from other dealers that go through the stress of wholesale importation. Have it in mind, though, that it may increase the cost.

How Do You Start Importing Used Clothes Into Nigeria

1. Get a Big shop back home if you are outside Nigeria, where you will be stocking your goods when it arrives. The same shop will be used for displaying so that passerby who would like to bend down and select could do that conveniently. A friend confirmed that some of the clothes found in these bales are good enough to be sold in boutiques, as some are still unused with the labels intact.

2. Source your products online at eBay or Alibaba and select the preferred supplier. Or you go round and look for suppliers. You will have to arrange for trusted business partners back home who will be in charge of the home front.

3. Set your logistics in place and begin to import. As soon as it arrives, your partner at home will take over from there and handle the sale, distribution, and disbursement.

Please, If you are into this business or you have engaged in it before and have some experience, share with others, and let’s take the discussion forward.

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