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How to Determine the Sex of your Baby Before Conception



How to Determine the Sex of your Baby Before Conception

This article is a complete guide on how to conceive your desired baby gender without stress or medicines.

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I feel the pains of women who desire a particular baby gender and end up having the opposite of their desires. Lots of women go through an emotional trauma and are chastised for having probably 3 or 4 girls without a male child, especially here in Africa, where so much emphasis is laid on the male baby – child. As a matter of fact, many homes have been broken due to this reason with the women always carrying the blames. But knowledge is indeed power.

It is high time women realized that men are the sole determiners of the gender of a child. Women are naturally helpless when it comes to determining the sex of a child. This is because the woman has “XX” chromosome and can only release an “X” in the formation of a child which will still result to a girl. This means that without the help of a man with a strong gene, the woman is only capable of producing a fellow female. But a man has ” XY” chromosome and can either produce a girl or a boy depending on the particular chromosome that first enter into the womb. If it is the “X” chromosome, then it will surely be a female child. But if it is the “Y” chromosome that survives, then they will produce a male child.

In conjunction with the above, a woman can still assist her husband transport the desired chromosome by correct timing of sex for conception. If you are concerned about conceiving a particular gender be it male or female, please avoid careless unprotected sex. Calculate yourself and strike at the right time to conceive your desired gender. The woman body has being conditioned in a way that they can control which of the man’s chromosome can travel faster during her ovulation period.

How to calculate the right time to conceive your desired gender

Before you can succeed with this method, you must first have an established and stable menstrual cycle.( If you don’t know how to calculate your menstrual cycle, then read my previous post on it.

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After determining your menstrual cycle, calculate and determine your ovulation period.(Also read my previous article for details on how to do this). Then go ahead to time derive the right time to conceive your desired gender by doing this:

Assuming you have 28 days menstrual cycle and you want to conceive in the month of July. If your menses for the month begins on the 1st of July, it is expected that your ovulation period for that month will begin on the 11th of July – 17th of July. Tick the peak of your ovulation i.e the middle of your cycle which will be in the 14th of July using the above example. ( Half of 28 is 14, so the middle of your cycle is the 14th day).

If you desire a baby girl, please have sex with your husband within the first three(3) days of your ovulation period ONLY and stop for the month. Still using the above example, this means that you are expected to meet your husband either on the 11th, 12th or 13th of July ONLY and stop for the month. Then wait for the result.

If you desire a boy, please have sex with your husband on the peak of your ovulation and the three days afterwards. Also going by the above example, that means you are expected to meet your husband on the 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th of July ONLY and stop for the month. Then wait for your the result. Do this diligently for some consecutive months until you finally test positive to pregnancy.

This method is achievable because the body system of a woman varies during her ovulation period. The first three days of ovulation allows the man’s ”X” chromosome swim faster into the uterus thereby producing a female child. While the peak of ovulation and last three days allows the man’s “Y” chromosome swim faster into the uterus thereby producing a male child.

This method is very practicable and achievable. It is a reliable method used by many enlightened couples. Haven’t you wondered why some couples have exactly ” 2 girls and 2 boys” or “a girl and a boy” exactly as desired? It isn’t luck or magic, it is mere logic gained from this knowledge. You too can achieve it and be happy in your marriage.

It is true that God gives children, but heaven helps those who help themselves. I have helped you by writing this article, do help yourself by reading and applying it because it is very real.

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Agbaka Gift is an entertainment, lifestyle and relationship expert writer with experience. She obtained a degree in English and literary studies from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She is intelligent, hardworking and passionate about writing and enlightening the public. Her hubbies include: having fun, fashion and writing.

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