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Forbes List Top 10 highest paid actors in the world



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Forbes has published its list of the highest-paid actors in the world for this year.

Dwayne Johnson, the American actor and World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE veteran popularly known as The Rock, tops the list.

Here’s the list of top 10:

1. Dwayne Johnson – $89.4m (£73.6m)

2. Chris Hemsworth – $76.4m (£62.9m)

3. Robert Downey Jr – $66m (£54.4m)

4. Akshay Kumar – $65m (£53.5m)

5. Jackie Chan – $58m (£47.8m)

6. Bradley Cooper – $57m (£46.9m)

7. Adam Sandler – $57m (£46.9m)

8. Chris Evans – $43m (£35.4m)

9. Paul Rudd – $41m (£33.8m)

10. Will Smith – $35m (£28.8m)

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