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Adams Sulaimon Babatunde , I’m an Afro-pop artiste, and I’ve been doing music since my secondary school days. I released my first ever single in the year 2014 titled “Kilofe” since then I’ve been growing up to this moment and I’m still growing.

I released a single early this year titled ‘Shana’ produced by May Owoyele….I have been working on this EP album quiet a while now and thanks to God it was able to be a success, the things that we face in our society, the struggle I am also going through as an individual inspired me to make this album and I hope everyone is able to relate to every words on each track.

Town Crier the EP is out everywhere on every musical stores and every musical platform.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I listen to music in my spare times or read books

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity Crush has always been Brymo

Are you single?

Yes I am 💯 single lol

How would someone get your special attention?

If you are a music lover and also money chaser, I swear me and you go padi gan

What has been your best/worst date?

My best and worst date would be my first ever relationship that I really do fall in love during my secondary school days…The relationship still remain the best and the worst…lol

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is lies…I hate dishonesty

What’s your annoying habit?

I don’t know how to call or chat much Online, I’m this kind of a person that doesn’t like too much talk.

Who is your inspiration?

All Afro-pop artiste inspires me…for me I believe Nigerian Artists are the best , they inspires me a lot…every single one of them

Do you speak any other languages?

Well except from Yoruba and English another language I speak nah pidgin

Where would you like to visit?

Me self I want go Dubai oh, as everybody go Dubai leave me for this Naija I no Dey happy oh . Me self want follow dem visit that Dubai and see how e Dey be for there, I’m tired of watching pictures

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Reading Tundeednut acknowledging things I’m saying in my music, gives me a lot of strength and courage to do me. That’s the most interesting thing I’ve read And seen this week.

What would you like remembered about you?

I want people to remember me for the legacy I am trying to lay, I want people to remember as one guy that loves his country and want the best for his people.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

To every lover of good music out there, to everyone that have listened to my song and love it, to everyone that believe in this brand, I want to promise you one thing and that is I will always be me. I might not be perfect but I want you all to know that I’m growing, and I am telling you my fans that I am going to stay for long.

Bless up everyone!!!

Twitter: @thegreatdanlad

Facebook: @thegreatdanlad

instagram: @thegreatdanlad

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