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Davido Praises Wizkid his Arch-rival, Leaving Both Fans in Total Shock (See Photo)



Davido Praises WizkidIt seems Davido and Wizkid have been pretending to be enemies. He has openly acknowledged the greatness of Wizkid on Twitter to the shock of their fans who always compare them.

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Wizkid is one of the most handsome musicians in Nigeria in 2020. He is an Afro pop singer, songwriter and a recording artiste. He was born on 16th July, 1990 in Surulere, Lagos. He is currently 28years but is very rich and infleuntial. He has released many songs and rose to lime light after releasing “Holla at your boy”. He has many hot singles to his name and has even partnered with popular international artistes.

Wizkid has an expensive private jet he bought for $40 million.. according to Correct, Wizkid is worth over $20 billion as at 2019. He is also on Forbes number 1 richest Nigerian celebrity surpassing Davido with $4 million. He is the brand ambassador for MTN and GLO. He also secured multi million deals with Pepsi, Guinness and UBA Bank. He is indeed very successful!


Davido is the son of famous Dr. Deji Adeleke. He was born into a wealthy family background in Atlanta. Davido is a 26 years old business man, musician and brand influencer. Despite being born into a wealthy family, he has struggled for all his personal achievements. He stepped into the limelight in 2011 and has produced many collaborations with Drake and Chris Brown.

Davido’s father bought a private jet of $62 million which Davido called “our” baby. Indirectly, his father’s wealth is also his own by extension.

According to, Davido is the richest Nigerian celebrity with a net worth of $40billion.

A Comparison of Davido and Wizkid

Wizkid and Davido command a large fan base anchored by their impressive talents and creative minds that have see them produce entertaining and best selling songs. In addition to leading the list of the richest Nigerian musicians, they also rank among the wealthiest musicians in Africa. They join the likes of Akon, DJ Black Coffee and Don Jazzy to the continent’s list of the most affluent musicians.

Fans always compare the two to each other in terms of musical talent and wealth. Their songs have recorded high sales over the years, sometimes sparkling huge debate among their supporters about who has more money than the other.

Davido and Wizkid have achieved their shares of success through music and  endorsements. They have also won numerous awards.

Davido and Wizkid are indeed handsome, young and very talented. The truth is David and Wizkid are top on the list of richest celebrities. No one knows who actually surpasses each other as of 2020. Although Wizkid struggled for every kobo that he has, Davido was bprn into analready wealthy family. Davido Praises Wizkid

Davido praises Wizkid,he calls themselves the 2 greatest musicians of all time.

Few hours ago, Davido in a tweet posted his picture with Wizkid. He tagged the picture to be the 2 greatest musicians of all time and also tagged Wizkid to it.

The 2 greatest musicians of all time! No cap.”

This tweet generated lots of retweets and comments as many people thought that both were enemies always in competition. But the truth is that the guys are cool with each other. It is only their fans that have been going about their matter and raising unnecessary dusts. Both fans are always comparing both in wealth and musical talent and raising up unnecessarily animousity among both musicians and their fans.

But today, Davido has proven that the comparison is useless as both are of equal status in finances and musical talent. No one is the winner amongst them, hence No cap! He comes in peace showing that he has no issue with Wizkid and that they are cool with each other. This proves that there is actually no animosity of any kind between them both, and even if there was, it has been amicably resolved.

This came as a shock to both fans but the earlier the accepted that fact that both of them are great and of the same level, the better for them. None of them is richer, more infleuntial or talented than the other. Hence the comparisons must stop now.

Davido Praises Wizkid

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