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Couple flogged 100 strokes of cane for having pre-marital s*x in Indonesia

Woman flogged 100 strokes of the rattan for having pre-marital sex (Video)

A masked sharia officer flogged a couple 100 strokes of the cane each for having pre-marital sex in Lhokseumawe, near Indonesia‘s Banda Aceh province.

On Wednesday, the couple were flogged in front of dozens of spectators who were cheered at a stadium in Lhokseumawe, some 170 miles from the provincial capital Banda Aceh. This serves as punishment for having sex before marriage, Daily Mail reports.

The 22-year-old lady can be seen crying out, wincing in pain and begging the officer to stop as he continued to flog her the 100 strokes of the cane while dozens of spectators watched along the sidelines.

The couple faced 100 whips of the rattan after they were caught having pre-marital sex, while a 19-year-old teen was also whipped in a separate sentencing for pre-marital sex.

At the end of the flogging, the teenager’s white shirt was soaked in blood. He will also serve a five year jail term for his offense.

The couple however did not receive any sentencing besides the flogging.

Official from the local prosecutor’s office confirmed that the Whipping was held in a stadium so children did not have to witness the violent scenes, Fakhrillah.

Indonesia holds the world’s largest Muslim population and Aceh is the only region in the country that continues to impose Islamic law.

In Indonesia’s Aceh province, flogging is used as punishment for several offences including gambling, drinking alcohol, having gay sex or pre-marital sex.

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