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Breaking: Senate president, Bukola Saraki kicked out of senate after a terrible loss to Ibrahim Oloriegbe of APC



Breaking: Senate president, Saraki kicked out of senate after a terrible loss to APC's Oloriegbe

The incumbent senate president, Dr Bukola Saraki who represented People Democratic Party (PDP) in the last Saturday National Assembly election has lost his seat to former majority leader in the state assembly Dr Ibrahim Oloriegbe Of All Progressives Congress (APC) Saraki .

The result was officially announced at Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) office located at Mandate area, Adewole Ilorin by returning officer for kwara Central Senatorial Election Professor Olawole Olatunbosun from University Of Ilorin.

APC candidate won all the four local government that made up of Kwara Central Senatorial district, namely Ilorin west, Ilorin East, Ilorin south and Asa with the following scores. APC 123,808 and PDP 68,994.

Ilorin west APC 51,531

PDP 30,075

Ilorin East APC 30,014 PDP 14,654

Ilorin South APC26,331 PDP 13,013

Asa APC 15932 PDP 11252

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