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Blind and autistic man makes everyone cry with performance at America’s Got Talent Show (See Video)



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A blind man has gotten the golden buzzer from Gabrielle Union after his wonderful performance at the America Got Talent show.

The blind man identified as Kodi, who is also autistic, made everyone cry after his wonderful singing and playing of the piano.

See video below.

This is the best video I’ve seen today!

A Nigerian, Kelechi Okwuchi has also wowed audience at the taken show before.

In a recent interview, the plane crash survivor revealed how she went from the incident to greater glory as she emerged finalist in reality talent show, America’s Got Talent in 2017.

On how the incident changed her life, she said:

“One important way that tragedy has changed my life is that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet many amazing people from around the world, which may never have happened if I wasn’t involved in the incident. I wouldn’t trade anything for this amazing people I have met over this period. The incident is more like a blessing in disguise.”

On her recovery from the trauma:

“I have been relieved from the trauma, but not completely over it. The incident is something I cannot forget. Every single day is a memory for me. As long as I am happy and doing well in life, I think I would get to that point”

On the possibility of getting more surgeries:

“The way things are right now, I am in a place where if there are more surgeries that would benefit me by improving any functions that I am having issues with, I am open to such. I have no problems with undergoing various surgeries but if I have to live my life this way, then I am ready.”

On boarding local flights in Nigeria:

“Actually, I have flown on local flights on my two visits to Nigeria after the incident. I had no reason to fear or panic.”

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