We’re here, all for women who are confident enough to shoot their shots and go after men they have hots for!

To be open and forthright about your attraction to a man isn’t scandalous; even if it is only a sexual relationship you seek. Because, it has to be said, women are sexual beings too, and the pursuit of the satisfaction of this sexual need is not something to be left for men only.

So, if you are a woman who shoots her shot, we support you. We absolutely do!



And if you are one who is yet to begin, you really should think about joining quickly, because, hey, you only live once, and you never can tell what beautiful possibilities can be unraveled  by a simple “hi” to that guy you’re tripping for.

However, whether or not you have begun to flex your shot-taking muscles, there are times you should lay low; and people that you should not target with those shots.

Below we list five times you should not shoot your shot with a guy:

1. Your girl is interested

You cannot do your girl dirty like that. If she has already told you that she has hots for a guy, it is only fair that you back off and let her have him.

Actually you can have him because she’s not technically dating him just yet, but hey, she’s your friend. What would it cost to let her have that one?

2. He has someone

Do not be the reason why another person loses their loved one. Learn to respect other people and what they have.