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A few months ago i had the opportunity to discuss politics with a Professor of History, and he told me that the black man is cursed and is too incapable to love, that could be the only reason we can be this blessed and yet so poor.

On the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, he told me corrupt politicians are the least of our problems: we will only get out of our peril when we are ready to. But then he pointed out the very shameful psyche of an average black man. We like to blame people for our problems.

If our ancestors could sell fellow blackmen to the whites into lifelong slavery over petty things as mirror and dane guns, then why are we suprised that we hate ourselves so much now. That only shows that the average black man had no value for the life of the next african.

If Africans didnt support the slavery of their fellow brothers in the first instance, then the whites wouldnt have even dared to try out colonisation. Well here’s my take on the xenophonic attacks in S.A.. I say the South africans still have the same problem the average black man has, not owning up to responsibilities and blaming others for their problem. Fear of the white skin.

Nigerians and other africans are’nt the richest in S.A, they dont control the multi million dollar companies, the whites do. While most of these whites are illegally settled in S.A as some other africans too. South Africans would rather believe their fellow black skin brothers are the problem. Why arent they attacking whites like they are attacking Africans. We dont think well in this part of the World i tell you.

Conflicts happen everywhere in the world we know but a group of people dont steadily kill their own over reasons like the South African people are doing.

Mind you both countries have presidents: Good ones for that matter. While one has refused to call his people to order, the other would rather send a “special convoy” to go and talk plenty talk. Now i understand better when they say the likes of Nelson Mandela, Lumuba, Marcus Garvey were great men. I am an African, a very proud one but i fear the way we think.

So this brings us back to the statement by that Prof that Africans are cursed. We cannot blame it on illetracy, education continues to gain more ground here, in Africa we have scholars and Profs everywhere now. We also cannot blame the white man for anything, they have left us alone for quite a while, Africans have a brain of their own and can think.. So why do we do the things we do to always cripple our system. Now we have Nigerians, obviously out of anger, attacking shoprite outlets and MTN Offices.

I hope we understand that shoprite is as well a franchise, so most of them over here are equally owned by Nigerians. I hope we understand that Nigerians are the people working there and destroying those places will leave them joblesss or maybe we didnt think of that.. We just want to show how violent we can be too.

Yes! That’s what we’ve made out of ourselves so you see maybe South Africans are’nt the only demons covered in black skin. The instance a Tiv man from Nigeria sees a Fulani he gets infuriated already, an Igbo man would rather disown his daughter than have her marry a alhaji’s son from Jigawa.

An African christain gives you a thousand reasons why the communion and killing birds to celebrate Christmas are holy but a Sango worshipper with white beads round his neck is evil.

So let us consider agreeing with what that Prof said. Cursed” because Africans will not accept anything not tied to religion so when we say cursed it affirms that that there is some god behind it. Or maybe we are not cursed, we are just incapable of love.

By: Olubukola M

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