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7 Recommended Best Bulk Sms Providers In Nigeria 2020



7 Recommended Best Bulk Sms Providers In Nigeria 2020

Recommended Best Bulk Sms Providers In Nigeria 2020

In Nigeria, there are a lot of websites that offer bulk SMS services. Most of them have similar features. Some of the significant features include sending you a delivery report for every sent SMS, scheduled messaging, which allows giving a specific time you want the message to be delivered, ability to use a customized sender name, among others.

The significant difference between most of the SMS websites is pricing. A lot of them also offer you the ability to create your reseller website so you can sell SMS units at your price. You can fund your account on these websites with your MasterCard, VISA, or verve card.

You can also support through an ATM or by paying to a bank account and sending the transaction details to phone numbers specified on their website.

One difference between sending regular text messages from your phone and Recommended Best Bulk Sms Providers In Nigeria 2020

7 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria 2020


Speedway also makes it on this list of top Nigeria bulk SMS providers 2016.

Speedway SMS is also suitable for sending bulk SMS across the country with high speed, and their message deliver pretty much good upon send button click, they have an excellent option of buying SMS online with ATM card or paying directly to their account which they promise they will credit user account that pays for units using their account direct within 12hours.


Global.gbnmobile is a bulk SMS provider that looks like smskernel in design with excellent, responsive design, and they have an excellent interface through the registration process is a bit stressful. We make it number 4 on this list because of its great features. On, you can easily top up the SMS unit using a voucher, known as a recharge card. Global. GB mobile gives 2 unit upon registration and charges 1.8 unit per SMS which is a bit high in price, they have a reseller package which their price is not that reasonable but if want quality service they could still be considered.

3. Yugosms:

Yugosms is one of the easiest to use bulk SMS service. However, their website is not much friendly with all kind of screen, we still considered it among Nigeria top bulk SMS providers, because their message deliver on time without stress, they offer new users with two units SMS to test their service upon registration, they have the option of paying through their account or paying online with an ATM card while ordering for SMS unit. Yugosms has a friendly message interface though it seems to information hold that they need advancement; it still very much comfortable to understand; their SMS rate is reasonable.

4. has been around since 2005, and over the years, they’ve maintained their position as the most preferred VAS provider for Bulk SMS in Nigeria. Their prices are currently the cheapest in Nigeria, we checked all the listed websites, but seems to have the best prices, and their WebsiteWebsite is topnotch. You can buy Data, Recharge Card, pay for your Electricity Bills and even send robocalls directly from your account.

While sending messages on, you have the option of getting a refund for all words that are affected by DND(Do-Not-Disturb)…what this means is, you are not charged for messages that are not delivered. is also the only Nigerian Bulk SMS website with a functional delivery report module. Signing up on this site is very easy, and you get free Test units to test their speed of delivery. Feel free to contact them via WhatsApp for all your inquiries.

Their WebsiteWebsite is

5.SMS mobile 24:

SMS mobile 24 also allows you to send 1 SMS with 1.3 units to Etisalat and 1.8 groups to MTN, Glo and Airtel. The price for a group is as low as 65 kobos per unit if you are buying over 99,999,999 units and a maximum of 97 kobos per unit if you are buying 500 to 999 units. They also offer you the opportunity of becoming a VIP member by paying a one-time subscription fee of 2,500. The VIP membership allows you to buy SMS at a flat rate of 85 kobos for 500 units and above.

Their WebsiteWebsite is

6. SMS Live 247:

SMS Live 247 allows you to send SMS at 1 SMS per unit. The price for a group is as low as 1.35 naira per unit if you are buying over 999,999 units and a maximum of 1.95 kobos per unit if you are buying over 99 units.

Their WebsiteWebsite is

7. Gold SMS 247:

Gold SMS 247 allows you to buy SMS as low as 82 kobos per SMS if you were buying above 999,999 SMS and a maximum of 88 kobos per SMS for 100 to 2,999 SMS.

Their website is

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