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5 Quick Fashion Tips For Men

We’ll keep things simple now with 5 quick fashion tips for men

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For many, dressing yourself can be a challenge, you don’t know what to wear, what’s appropriate, which trends are relevant anymore, and the classic, should I bring a jacket. If you follow a simple guide, you can pull an outfit together at any time for any occasion (bootcut jeans will never make the cut, so just throw them out).

Make Sure it Fits

This may seem like an obvious reason, but it’s one that many men seem to fail on. Getting the correct size for your body is key, because you’ll end up looking like an overgrown child if not (memories of my teen years are flooding in).

Take it from me, a former teenager who, let’s say, enjoyed a fish supper, trying to squeeze into clothes that simply didn’t fit and becoming more and more frustrated. Know what shapes best suit your figure, we can’t all be David Gandy with a perfectly formed body, as much as we’d all like to be.

For larger frames, avoid skinny jeans at all costs, they will cut into your body and simply highlight the areas you’re less proud of. If you want a cleaner look, try straight leg or slim legged jeans and trousers, they will suit you a lot better.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is an age old trick that works. Keeping your look simple can be the key to great style as you’re not overpowering yourself with mad prints and colours that can make you look like Mr Blobby.

Wearing all one colour can also be a help, black is the normal go-to, but mixing up tones and shades can really help your wardrobe. Grey is a great transitional colour that can be worn in any situation, and by mixing up the shades, can make for a great outfit.

If you’re going for a casual look this autumn/winter, you can always rely on a trusty pair of trainers and a puffer jacket. Comfort goes a long way during the harsh winter mornings so the puffer jacket is your new favourite item to see you through the coming months. For occasions when its more appropriate for a smarter look, a great choice would be a tailored wool-blend coat, trying it in the camel colour can be a simple touch to spruce up your whole outfit.


Have Key Pieces

Having staple pieces in your wardrobe can see you through the whole year and years to come, as timelessness goes a long way. A classic white shirt and black trousers is a look that has been around for decades, and one that you can always revert back to, again, just make sure they fit.

I know that a white shirt and trousers may seem a little boring, but this doesn’t mean you can’t jazz it up a little. Wearing small details with a bit more colour can really elevate a look. 

A statement coat or jacket can heighten a simple look. I know what you’re thinking, why have a statement coat when I’ve said keep it simple? Well, your wardrobe should reflect you, and by having some statement pieces, you can really stand out from the crowd with minimal effort.

Classic Shoes

Now for shoes, my personal favourite. Like most of your wardrobe, you want your shoes to go with almost anything. By wearing classic shapes and colours, you can avoid the ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ debate.

Shoes such as loafer and brogues may seem a bit old fashioned, but they are the classics that will never go out of style. You’ll want to invest well in these and you’ll want to wear them with everything, for a long time.

You can’t wear loafers and brogues all of the time, I know that, so a great pair of trainers are the way forward. If you dare to be a little bolder, try a bright colour. Something that can be worn with neutral tones such as blue, will help you pair them with more outfits.

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