Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane in 2020


5 Important Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane in 2020

Important Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane in 2020

Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane in 2020, Trust Me

These days, thanks to low-cost airlines, making it even easier to get from A to B, plane travel is commonplace. While there are specific essential safety rules you need to know – and flight attendants will always make you aware of – there are also some more practical guidelines you should bear in mind, too. Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane in 2020

And if all of us try our best to avoid these five things, we might just enjoy a great flight.

1. Stand in the Aisle for Long Periods

This one happens rarely, but once you see it, you won’t stop thinking about it.

Most adults on an airplane at some point along their journey feel a little cramped. Even kids hit a point where they feel restless. And when you hit that point, you’ll likely think: “This would all just be better if I could stand up and stretch my legs out.”


Well, right about stretching your legs out would feel better, but wrong about doing it on an airplane.

Have you ever seen someone doing calisthenics in the middle row of an airplane? Me neither. That’s because it’s uncalled for.

If you stand up on an airplane, you should either be going to the bathroom or getting off the plane. Anything else is improper airplane etiquette.

2.Earn Your Wings

No one is perfect. I’ve done many of the things on this list, so if you’re an airplane rule-breaker, it’s okay. Almost all of us are at one point or another.

The trick is to be aware of the things to avoid. The goal is courtesy, and if you try to be a lovely human being and you try to think about the people around you on an airplane, you’ll probably be just fine.

Happy flying.

3. Not Use Headphones

If you are stuck within a metal tube for long durations of time, you do not want to be the person making overly loud noises of any kind.

A nice calm flight is a quiet flight. I don’t care what kind of music you listen to or what you like to watch on HBO. That’s your business. And it should stay that way.

I don’t need to overhear the conversation between you and your mom or between you and your child’s elementary school principal. There is a plane full of people who didn’t pay decent money to listen to your noises.

4. Overdo it with alcohol

Speaking of champagne, as tempting as it may be to knock back a glass or two to help you ease into the flight, drinking too much alcohol can turn into a nightmare. Onboard pressure makes you react to the effects of alcohol much faster, so you may feel (and act) much drunker after two glasses in the air than you would after a bottle on the ground.

5. Keep quiet when you’re feeling ill

Feel nauseous, but hope to ride it out silently? That’s all well and fine…until it’s suddenly too late, and you’re throwing up in your sick bag (at best). Don’t ever hesitate to tell the air stewards if you’re not feeling great, whatever the reason. They are highly trained to deal with a wide range of problems – from gas to anxiety – and will be able to provide assistance and comfort in most cases.

Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane in 2020

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