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3 things that can make you indispensable to your man



They say cheating is a mental thing, and that a man who would go astray would go astray regardless of what the woman does.

The popular saying is that there is nothing a woman can do to keep a man, that all the good deeds and all the kindness and affection a woman offers a man would not be enough if he has set his mind on being a ‘stray dog.’

And it’s true. Very true. Men who cheat on their partners do not always do so because there is a character flaw in such women. Some men with ‘perfect’ wives and baes still find their way into the arms of other women and thus it begs the question, what can one do to snag the right man and to become indispensable to such man?

There can be no absolutely correct answer to that but the following tips have proven quite useful in several relationships and marriages

1. You’re easy to get along with

Women who are not difficult to love, women who put effort into resolving problems instead of attacking their man’s personalities, often draw the affection of their man. A reasonable man recognizes a woman who is not necessarily easy to walk all over, yet simple and straightforward in her approach to the relationship and dating generally.

She does not play games, doesn’t have unreasonable demands and gives the same level of positive energy she asks for. Men would always want to go back home to women like these. They are the type that men refer to as their ‘peace’.

2. You allow your man be himself

When your man can absolutely let his guard down and not feel naked, when he can be his childish, scared self with you and not feel less of a man, when he can speak of his struggles and not feel judged, when he can express his sexual desires without being rebuffed, when you actually make him feel welcome and treasured every time, surely he’s going to actually enjoy spending time with you. No one in their right senses would throw a treasure into the ocean. Men seldom want to let go of a woman like this.

3. When you base things on honest communication, love, and mutual respect

As it has been clearly written above, a man who would go astray would do so and that’s really just sad. But the truth is this; with honest communication of feelings, opinions, love and mutual respect between partners, it becomes very unlikely that a man would want to leave that for something else out there

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