Herbal And Natural Ways To Relieve Stress Effectively Everyday!


10 Common Herbal And Natural Ways To Relieve Stress Effectively

10 Common Herbal And Natural Ways To Relieve Stress Effectively

Herbal And Natural Ways To Relieve Stress Effectively

Stress affects the body in so many negative ways; it disrupts the levels of hormones and causes a misbalance, it increases inflammation in the body, it leads to sleeplessness, irritability, depression, obesity, and fatigue.

Chronic stress; that is the stress that occurs over a long period can lead to cancer, autoimmune diseases, obesity, addiction, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, skin problems and allergies, heart disease, mental disorders, diabetes, infertility, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Herbal And Natural Ways To Relieve Stress 

There are effective natural ways we can use to relieve stress, reduce the risks it causes and prolong our lifespan; we can avoid stress completely, but we can reduce it, or manage it effectively. Herbal And Natural Ways To Relieve Stress 

Herbs and Natural Remedies to Relieve Stress Effectively

1. Green tea

Green tea is rich in theanine; this compound is a good stress reliever, it is readily available to the body when taken in, and it can cross the blood-brain barrier. It acts on the brain; it enhances calmness, relaxes the body, and even boosts cognitive functions.

Take green tea when you feel stressed; it will relieve the stress and help you relax more. You can take it before going to bed to give you a refreshing night’s sleep.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is an excellent home remedy for stress; it relaxes the body and muscles; it relieves pains and cramps; it calms the nerves; it reduces depression, anxiety, headaches, and even insomnia.

This is an excellent remedy for stress, and it is best taken as tea; take it after a stressful day, before going to work and before going to bed. It will refresh you and help you wake up feeling energized.

3. Herbal teas

Take adaptogenic herbs; these are herbs that relieve stress from the body; you can add them generously to your meals, you can chew on them or take them as tea.

Healthy adaptogenic herbs are ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, ginseng, maca, holy basil, and others; they relieve the symptoms of stress, calm the body, and improve anxiety and depression.

They act on the brain in a positive way; they regulate the levels and functions of hormones and they improve the physiological functions of the body and increase the levels of energy in the body.

4. Essential oils

Performing aromatherapy with essential oils or massaging the body with these oils can help relieve stress, relax the body, and help one sleep well. They also relieve headaches and other symptoms.

Essential oils great at relieving stress are frankincense, lavender, myrrh, bergamot, lemon, ginger, cloves, and peppermint essential oils. They also fight inflammation, increase the levels of energy, balance hormones, and help fight insomnia and aid in proper digestion and absorption of food.

5. St. John’s Wort

This is a powerful anti-depressant and stress reliever; ancient Greeks used this herb since historic times to relieve stress and treat burns and wounds, and it is used in modern times to make anti-depressants.

It can relieve stress by calming the body, muscles, and nerves; it balances the levels of hormones, aids sweet sleep at night, raises the levels of energy in the body, and boosts immune functions.

This is a powerful herb, and it shouldn’t be taken in combination with prescription or non-prescription drugs; consult a doctor or herbalist first before taking it, and pregnant women should avoid this herb too.

6. Eucalyptus

The active compounds in eucalyptus herbs play significant roles in relieving stress, tensions, anxiety, and depression; they relax the body, positively act on the brain, improve mood and correct mood swings, they even induce sleep and increases the energy level of the body.

You can use eucalyptus essential oil to massage your body, or you can inhale it; you can also use the dried leaves to make tea. Take this tea regularly; before starting your day and before going to bed.

7. Jojoba

This herb has a calming effect on the body, and that is why it is used to make bathing soaps and other skincare products; it calms the mind and relieves stress, it also energizes the body and aids restful sleep.

You can use jojoba oil for massage, or you can apply it to your hands and inhale it, this will help calm your body and relieve stress.

8. Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps to improve mood; it promotes proper brain functions; it helps the nervous system function well. It fights fatigue, stress, and relaxes the body.

Studies have linked a deficiency of this vitamin to apathy, irritability, low levels of energy, and depression, so when under stress, consider eating lots of foods that are rich sources of vitamin B.

Good natural sources of this vitamin are organic whole grains, peanut, peas, spinach, beans, avocados, kale, bananas, blackstrap molasses, potatoes, eggs, organic and farm-raised dairy, and legumes.

If the symptoms are severe and you don’t have access to much of these foods, you can meet a doctor to prescribe a good vitamin B supplement for you. Please take it according to prescription, and you can stop it when you notice an improvement; because too much of a supplement in the body is not good, it can lead to toxicity and other health problems.

9. Valerian root

This herb has been used for centuries to treat stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, tension, and depression; its active ingredients calm the body, boost the body, and increase the levels of energy.

Please don’t take it with other medications as it can interfere with them and cause problems. It is available in health stores, and you can either buy the capsules or take it as tea.

10. Ginkgo Biloba

This is an ancient Chinese herb that has powerful antioxidant properties, and it is a natural sedative that helps to calm the body and relieve stress.

It has rich contents of glycosides and terpenoids; these compounds relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and it also improves the energy levels of the body. Take this tea daily until you recover.

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